Weekly Wrap 610: I had an editorial meeting and I saw a coal train and I uploaded some videos

My week of Monday 31 January to Sunday 6 February 2022 saw me slowly returning to productivity after that lurgi. Certain circumstances led to the podcast recording being pushed back, but I got plenty of other things done.

One of the best bits was an editorial meeting with a new client that kicked off a whole series of things that’ll unfold through 2022. I can’t say any more because it’s SEKRIT.


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I’ve finally uploaded some more of my train-related videos.

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  • I’ve created a new Flickr album Trainspergers which will eventually contain a selection of my railway photographs. For now it’s just all my existing photos on Flickr, good and bad. It really needs a good clean-out.
  • Yes, I’ve updated my Waratah sequence 2021. This takes us up to day 159. Progress continues to be slow so there’s only four photos this week.

Media Appearances

  • My photo of a union march in Sydney has been used to illustrate yet another article, this time Surging Strikes at The Society Pages.

Podcasts, Corporate Largesse



As promised, another big batch of recommendations to make up for the recent dearth.

The Week Ahead

Monday is a Sydney day, for medical and social activities as well as the usual collection of errands.

[Update 8 February 2022: The rest of this section has been rearranged now that podcast plans have started to fall into place.]

On Tuesday morning I’m recording an episode in The 9pm Edict summer series with Elise Thomas about the various “freedom” protests around the world at the moment. You’ll remember her from April 2021. I’ll edit and post that episode later in the day.

(The planned episode with Dr Space Junk aka Dr Alice Gorman about the International Space Station Archaeological Project is stil to be scheduled.)

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The rest of the week is about that geek-work that I’m slowly plodding through, writing an article for ZDNet, and responding to whatever the parliamentary sitting week throws up.

On Thursday morning I’ll also try to catch What can the Cold War teach us about strategic competition? A conversation with historian Hal Brands from the United States Study Centre. I heard him recently on the Lawfare Podcast and it was fascinating.

On Saturday there’s a number of state by-elections in NSW, so watching the count that evening should be amusing.

Further Ahead

As expected, February has brought some new events, although only a small proportion are relevant to my work needs.

[Photo: A Centennial Coal CEY-class locomotive leads an empty Southern Shorthaul Railroad coal train through Wentworth Falls station in the Blue Mountains on 2 February 2022.]