Weekly Wrap 683: A tribute to Sir Pickling Garlick KCMG OBE MA, and other matters

The main products from my week of Monday 26 June to Sunday 2 July 2023 were a big jar of pickled garlic — hence the highly amusing headline — and four litres of pork stock, plus the usual Friday blog post. But let’s celebrate, because it’s a new financial year!

If you also live alone, you’ll know how hard it is to cook for just one. I certainly don’t eat badly, because I enjoy cooking and I’m fairly good at it. However I’ve decided to start doing things a little differently. Hence the stock. Hence the garlic. I may well explain more on a podcast.

Speaking of which, I’m leaving The 9pm Quick Survey 2: Whaddyawant? open for a few more days. I’ve already collected some very useful opinions about the kinds of podcasts you prefer, but I didn’t get time on the weekend to analyse it formally. I’ll do that later this week.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 42. The government released a National Strategy for Identity Resilience, scrapped a satellite program, and frightened homebuyers with fights path maps for the new Western Sydney International Airport. And there’s more.

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What a week! Twitter seems to have DDoS’d itself into oblivion, but hey a little ketamine should fix that.

In other news:

  • New from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: the Indian Ocean Strategic Map. “This map displays the economic, political, military, and geographic features of the Indian Ocean and how they interact as one continuous geopolitical theatre.”
  • Bees make decisions better and faster than we do, proven by actual science.
  • I was fascinated by this video, How to Read Weather Radar. The first couple of minutes are a basic explanation of radar, which many of you may already know, but don’t let that put you off. This is the best explanation of reading doppler radar I’ve encountered. While it’s American, and towards the end is focused on spotting tornadoes in that country’s vast open plains, it’s still useful.
  • J S Bach’s Organ Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, is a magnificent piece of music. Here, Alexander Sevastian plays it on the accordion.
  • Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist revealed, and they’re stunning images.

The Week Ahead

On Thursday I’ll try to catch the seminar Cyber impacts on the US/PRC military balance from the UTS Australia-China Relations Institute.

Other than that, it’s mostly about plodding through a mix of client work, taxation bookkeeping, and organising things for the second half of the year — including more podcasts in the very near future. Indeed, I should be able to do a quick solo update in the second half of this week.

Further Ahead

  • The 9pm Public House Forum 8 livestream and recording, 22 July 2023 at 1pm (TBC). To stay informed you should be on the mailing list, because this date is only tentative at this stage.
  • NEW: Aaron Chen’s Chen & Friends, Enmore Theatre, 18 August 2023.
  • NetThing Internet Governance Forum, Brisbane and online, 28 August 2023 (TBC).
  • APNIC 56, Kyoto and online, 12–14 September 2023. I very much doubt that I’ll be going to Japan, but this is always such a good conference (TBC).

[Photo: A jar of picked garlic, which I made on 1 July 2023.]