Weekly Wrap 679: A cow, a podcast, and some disturbing muskiness

My week of Monday 29 May to Sunday 4 June 2023 was more than a day ago, so technically this post is late. There’s not much directly from me, but there’s some client material and a lot of Musky news.

Fox update

Still no signs of the fox, although we do have a wallaby. I think I’ll skip doing an update until we actually have some fox news.


When I posted this on Twitter, I said: “I only did graphics and online tech for this, but hey I’m nice to clients.” I am touched that Lockstep founder Steve Wilson replied: “Graphics and online tech. And the strategic planning, story workshops, editorial reviews, production and distribution. We could not have done #MakingDataBetter or the #DVP without @stilgherrian.” So there we are.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 38. Senate Estimates always provides some amusement, if by amusement you mean schadenfreude. We’ve had plenty of that, plus action on AI regulation, and much more.

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Videos, Photos, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

None of these things. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when new videos appear.


So much news of Elon Musk this week!

To repeat, I’ve been thinking of doing this list as a weekly 10-minute podcast that has the internal title Musk Watch but in fact would use the title Rhymes with Sasquash. Would you be interested?

That would be in addition to this written list not instead of.

And in other news, just these two items because this is already very late:

The Week Ahead

Monday has already happened.

From 8am AEST it’s TimeGhost TV’s D-Day 24 Hours. This is a 24-hour livestream covering the Normandy landings of 6 June 1944 in real time. I was going to attempt to watch the whole thing live, but I’ll have work to do, and I know I’d be too tired to last the distance. That said, is anyone I know watching it too?

[Update 7 June 2023: I watched 11 hours of it on Tuesday and will knock off the rest of it by Thursday.]

Saturday is World Gin Day. I’m heading down to Sydney for a small social thing with friends. But you might like to organise a gathering of your own. Because, you know. Gin.

I’ll stay in Sydney overnight because it’s the long weekend for the King’s Birthday — that’s a change! — and I might be able to find some things to do.

Further Ahead

[Photo: I happened to be passing The Red Cow Hotel in Penrith the other night, 2 June 2023, and the red cow’s eyes were so beguiling.]