Artemis’ promising blood results

Artemis’ latest blood results have just been phoned through. Creatin has continued to drop, from 416 to 376, slowly moving towards the normal maximum of 212. Urea is down from 36 to 19.5, again moving steadily towards the target 12.9. Phosphorus and calcium have stabilised. Her red blood cell count is low, but that’s possibly just because she’s on such a high rate of fluids.

The decision has been made to reduce the flow of intravenous fluids down to 1.5x maintenance levels, rather than the 2x she’s been on, and see what happens over the next 48 hours. For the background to that, see the post from earlier today.

“We’re looking at the possibility we could get [her] through it,” says Dr Meredith Gibbs.

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