Talking Elon Musk and Twitter on ABC Radio’s PM

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As you’ll know from the latest episode of my podcast The 9pm Edict, or from my Weekly Wrap posts, or from following me on Twitter itself, I’ve been paying way too much attention to the chaos which is Elon Musk’s botched management of the social media company.

On Wednesday I was interviewed on the latest developments for ABC Radio’s current affairs program PM.

“Elon Musk has announced he will resign as head of Twitter once he finds his replacement. The billionaire appointed himself CEO of the social media platform in October,” said the ABC.

“But after a tumultuous couple of months in the job, he asked Twitter users if he should step down — and they said yes.”

Here’s the full report by Bonny Symons-Brown., which also includes comments by Queensland University of Technology digital media professor Jean Burgess.

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