The 9pm Edict #9

The 9pm EdictMedia make a big fuss over a racing driver. Senator Conroy stumbles through another media appearance. And some lame Victorian politician can’t cope with the word “dickhead”. The dickhead.

Here is episode 9 of The 9pm Edict.

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For more information about tonight’s rant, you can check out Terry Mulder’s complaints about Victoria’s road safety TV commercials, the story about Victorian Police objecting to stuff, and the Australia Talks episode featuring Senator Stephen Conroy.

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4 Replies to “The 9pm Edict #9”

  1. It has been drawn to my attention that in the final section of the program there is a mistake. (“What, just there?” you say.) While it was racing car driver Mark Webber who was criticised by Victoria’s Deputy Police Commissioner Ken Lay for his “nanny state” comment and undermining the road safety message, it was actually another racing car driver, Lewis Hamilton, who was caught doing burn-outs.

    This raises two points.

    1. It shows how little I care about the entire series of events. Who are these people anyway? Why should anyone give a damn?
    2. Lay is even sillier for criticising Webber. Webber didn’t do burn-outs and undermine the road safety message, he just expressed an opinion. Mr Lay, I think people are still allowed to express an opinion. Even in Victoria.

    @Nick Hodge: Nevertheless, it still depresses me that the Liberals think the road to power is signposted “Get off my lawn”.

    @Sylmobile: I had to look up the Serenity Prayer. I didn’t know it had a name. I feel more informed every day. Except about racing car drivers.

  2. Great Edict…

    Just as the road campaign uses the word ‘dickhead’ to get to a target audience… the fucktard in Victoria uses faux outrage about the word to hit another target audience. C’est la vie. Also no-one has used the word ‘toy’ in the past 2 decades.

    The smear of Google by Conroy was very odd. That’s some seriously malignant issues management. What an odd garbled rant. Google wants to make money, and they want to make information widely available? OK… I think we all know that. But we also know they’re a company brave enough to stand up against governments.

    In fact Sergey actually lived in Russia until he was 7 or 9 I think (not just the son of immigrants but an immigrant himself).

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