The 9pm Election Unhinging: Week the First

Scott Morrison calls the federal election on 10 April 2022. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Image) Inset: Front page of Melbourne’s Herald Sun, 12 April 2022. (Photo: Paul Kidd)

Australia’s federal election has been called for Saturday 21 May 2022. In a headrush of poor judgement, I’ve decided to produce a six-part mini-series of The 9pm Edict with an election theme, with episodes appearing each Thursday. This is the first.

These episodes will run in parallel with the special guest episodes of the autumn series, which will still see another three episodes appearing before the end of May. I am a glutton for punishment.

In this episode we talk about stupid questions, annoying words, George Christensen, Alexander Downer, unemployment, and journalists drinking with politicians.

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Episode Links

  • [10 April 2022] Millions of Australians will head to the polls on 21 May after Scott Morrison officially called the federal election. Speaking outside Parliament House on Sunday to kick off the six-week campaign, the prime minister said he knew Australians were facing tough challenges and were "tired of politics" as they head to the polls.
  • [10 April 2022] This election is a choice.
  • [10 April 2022] My one meagre hope is for most media not to cover the election like they are quasi campaign directors “Morrison focussing on Queensland this week so he can shore up support means that …”
  • [13 April 2022] On Tuesday, Scott Morrison held an event at Rheem Australia's Rydalmere facility, where he promised a re-elected Coalition government would create 1.3 million jobs by 2027 — a promise similar to those of previous campaigns. But while the Prime Minister was selling job creation, the facility housing the event is planning on cutting some of its positions in a restructure that will move more of its operations to Vietnam.
  • [12 April 2022] The PM is choosing to spend the day in hot water. The TV packages write themselves
  • Scott Morrison said the Pacific was at the "front and centre" of Australia's foreign policy.
  • A traditional headband (fau o aliki) or headdress (kula, pale) made out of pandanus, such as those prepared for the inauguration of a chief (aliki) would follow a specific design and the task of creating the headband or headdress is often reserved to a specific person, such as a daughter of the chief. The traditional floral garland of a young woman (Te fou ote tamafine) or a headdress for a woman (fou) would also follow a specific design using tiale (gardenia), pua (guettarda speciosa) and melia (frangipani).
  • LEIGH SALES: The Greens are proposing a billionaires' tax where people earning huge incomes would face an extra 6 per cent tax. But many of those 131 people would already be some of the country’s biggest donors to charity, some of the biggest philanthropic givers. If you tax them more, and a) they have less to immediately give to the causes that they support which has a big flow on effect to major charitable organisations, and b), wouldn't their direct charitable spending be a more efficient and sort of, I guess, direct use of their resources than having it siphoned through government and then reallocated?
  • Here it is: AUWU’s 2022 Election Scorecard. For the most part, it's pretty grim. We'll keep it updated if and when any new policies are announced
  • [12 April 2022] Labor has not committed to an additional increase to the jobseeker payment and has dropped plans for a review into the rate, the shadow assistant minister for the treasury, Andrew Leigh, has confirmed.
  • [13 April 2022] When Scott Morrison noticed a man was recording their conversation on the sly, things took a sudden turn.
  • [13 April 2022] And yes of course all parties host drinks for media traveling in their campaigns. And yes it’s long established. And yes, deemed unremarkable. And yes that is a fair summary of what’s wrong with the insider culture of political reporting.
  • [13 April 2022] Wild that gallery journalists think “we do this all the time” is a workable defence to cozy off-the-record drinks with political leaders
  • 13 April 2022] i wonder if there’s anything else political journalists routinely do that would shock non-media workers
  • [12 April 2022] The media clearly cannot get enough of “gotcha” moments in election campaigns and clearly ALP Leader Anthony Albanese provided a campaign day one opportunity when asked the rates of unemployment and Reserve Bank cash rates. It masked somewhat the curious status of Alan Tudge, who although stood aside for an enquiry from his higher education portfolio, was still ‘part of Cabinet’ as we were informed by the Prime Minister.
  • Perfectly normal unbiased media. [Includes photo of Herald Sun's "Don't Count On Me" headline.]
  • [12 April 2022] Former prime minister John Howard has declared Anthony Albanese “should have known” the key economic figures after previously dismissing the Labor leader’s major campaign gaffe.
  • [13 April 2022] 'Google it, mate': Adam Bandt hits back at journalist's 'gotcha' question – video
  • [13 April 2022] Not reading Twitter for 24h for obvious reasons. But my wife tells me some of you think I look youthful, you're too kind! Also, maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you make a claim about poor wages you should probably know the key measure of wages Anyway, see you on the flip side.
  • [13 April 2022] any person who wants to be PM should be able to name the director general of IP Australia at the drop of a hat
  • [14 April 2022] Yet again journalists unironically discussing how Albanese’s gaffe dominated the week without the slightest reflection on their role in constantly pushing it.
  • A Liberal candidate has apologised over a bizarre false statement in which she appeared to claim credit for the work of a woman with a similar name who is a conservationist on Kangaroo Island.
  • [13 April 2022] Adam Bandt’s speech to the National Press Club makes it abundantly clear that the Greens are a grave threat to Australian national security.
  • [11 April 2022] BIG NEWS! We’re in the final stages of building a cutting-edge App to enable people to report Murdoch bias & lies dressed up as ‘news’ to the regulators, the public & to parliament with a few clicks. Can you help get MURDOCH WATCH finished & distributed?
  • [11 April 2022] I will never understand the left's obsession with Murdoch. We could take all that energy and direct it into campaigning on actual issues and we'd be so much more successful.
  • [13 April 2022] News Corp Australasia executive chairman issues all-staff memo, with scrutiny on election coverage likely to increase
  • I feel sorry for good Australian journalists. There aren’t many and the public doesn’t recognise who they are. You really need to go further than “who do they work for” and analyse their work.
  • Mr Christensen's position as the third candidate on the ticket means he cannot possibly be elected... It will mean Mr Christensen will be eligible for a little-known entitlement called the resettlement allowance, which is a one-off payment worth six months' salary, or in his case about $105,000 a year — money he would not otherwise receive.
  • [13 April 2022] Important to note on George Christensen, because he’s contesting IF he loses he will get a taxpayer-funded payout of six-months of salary - equivalent to $105,000 . If he’d just quit he wouldn’t get this…
  • [by Alexander Downer] We want people who have an intellectual grasp of the major issues that face the country. Not one issue, but many issues. The one thing you can be 100 per cent sure of is that none of these independents, if they get elected, will be anything more but ephemeral holders of seats that could otherwise produce great leaders. Take Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong and Dave Sharma in Wentworth. These are people who could become truly great men. But if the independents defeat them those independents will be totally forgotten in 10 years’ time.
  • [10 April 2022. Imagine if postal votes were redirected...]
  • [12 April 2022] It would be amazing television to do a big brother sort of thing where you lock up a bunch of partisans during the election campaign and tell them stuff that happened but not which team it was and ask them if it’s good or bad.
  • Pays on party which supplies the Prime Minister following the next Federal election. Bets settled at time of swearing in. All bets carry over if the Gov General does not swear in a PM because supply cannot be guaranteed.
  • [10 April 2022] I’m going to get two predictions out of the way. 1) Despite being quite genuinely reviled, Morrison will win because Australia is a silly place politically. 2) This will create a sort of psychic trauma amongst lefty boomers that will make The Dismissal look like Kevin 07
  • [14 April 2022] Feel like we might be getting past the silly opening few days when everyone was a bit too hyped up on red cordial.

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