The 9pm Year of Brain Worms, Drama, and Despair

Composite image of Mark Humphries, Tegan Taylor, Osman Faruqi, and Yun Liang, guests on this episode of The 9pm Edict.

What a year! At the end of 2020 we can’t even gather people in a pub to talk about how terrible it was. Well we can. But we shouldn’t. So we didn’t. We did this instead.

In this ridiculously long episode of The 9pm Edict, I chat separately and remotely with four very special guests to consider what happened in 2020 and what it might mean for 2021.

  • Award-winning satirist Mark Humphries (@markhumphries) of 7.30 fame etc, inaugural champion of Mastermind Australia, former co-presenter of Pointless Australia, and much more.
  • Health and science reporter Tegan Taylor (@teegstar), co-presenter of ABC Radio’s excellent Coronacast.
  • Journalist Osman Faruqi (@oz_f), editor of the 7am podcast, among other things.
  • Yun Jiang (@yun_aus), editor of The China Story blog at ANU and a director of China Policy Centre. Also one of the people that Senator Eric Abetz kicked off at.

We talk about so, so many things, including journalism, quokkas and quolls, the Melbourne lockdown, savoury biscuits, COVID-19 (obviously), China, Scott Morrison, birds, the politics of policing, the economy, Donald Trump (also obviously), and much much more.

And it’s all punctuated by my own musings on the magnificent and most memorable year that was 2020.

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