The 9pm I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Planet

George Brandis as Pluto by cartoonist Dave Pope

NASA sends a boy band to Pluto. Prime Minister Crusader Rabbit makes sense of the Middle East, more or less. And we hear some presciently ironic words from Singapore.

In this podcast, there’s talk of Singapore, censorship, wine, and taxes. Amongst other things.

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[Picture: George Brandis as Pluto, tweeted by cartoonist Dave Pope, 14 July 2015.]

2 Replies to “The 9pm I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Planet”

  1. Dear Mr Stilgherrian
    I have read a few of your articles.Why waste your time with all this hoo har?I dont think many care.I don’t.Seems to me like you have a big mouth and cannot shut it up.And you think you are intelligent don’t you….well you are pretty shallow to me…stupid actually!As the old proverb says..with many words transgression is unavoidable.Fool is the word that comes to mind when i read your garb!
    Have a nice day

  2. @Brad: No-one’s forcing you to read or listen to anything I create, let alone like it. By all means, feel free to spend your time reading and listening to the things you do like.

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