The 9pm Personal Brand Enhancement Journey

Screenshot of Tony Abbott on Channel Seven's Sunrise

This episode of “The 9pm Edict” is a journey. Crusader Rabbit demands to be taken seriously. We expose the truth about hopscotch. And there are far too many references to wine.

And there’s more stuff, but you’ll have to listen.

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2 Replies to “The 9pm Personal Brand Enhancement Journey”

  1. Laugh! Oh laugh so much I nearly shat myself.
    The morning after the night before wake up and taking the time to record yourself having a pee first thing in the morning was totally offensive and noteworthy atmospheric audio. Like all good car wrecks I couldn’t turn away.

  2. I was absolutely horrified when I realised that Catriona Pollard’s personal branding action sheet read like a crib for a high Klout score.

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