The 9pm I can’t believe it’s not January

Photograph of broken Zoom H1 recorder

This episode of The 9pm Edict is important. Every single piece of information is vital to our national security. You must help protect our way of life. Listen closely, and observe all safety precautions.

It’s so long since the last episode, we’ve already celebrated the birthday of gentle Baby Jesus. It’s a brand new year, but we’ve got the same old Crusader Rabbit as Prime Minister.

In this podcast there’s talk of terrorism, broadband, Space Lizards, the Brandis Ham, and much more.

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[Photo: The other day my Zoom H1 recorder, the apparatus with which I record nearly all my audio these days, suffered one too many blows to the head. It has expired. It has ceased to be. Sigh.]

[Update 8 February 2015: Edited to add deadline for audio comments.]

2 Replies to “The 9pm I can’t believe it’s not January”

  1. American Sniper, the anti-war film the Left doesn’t want you to see and the Right does.

  2. Jason (the commenter): Now I’m trying to remember which podcast I listen to that had a fascinating analysis of American Sniper in terms of that very left-right divide in war movies. If I remember, I’ll post it.

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