The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania

It’s all goats all the time, nearly, as we bring you many wonderful things from GoatFest Tasmania in Launceston.

In this episode there’s talk of cheese, meat, milk, politics, and more. Miniature psychic goat Willow Creek Talisa da Kisser predicts the result of the Tasmanian state election. And Nicholas Fryer takes a look through The Arch Window.

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This episode was made possible by its listeners. Issuing a GOATY CHALLENGE were Peter Lawler, Reselsnark, and Paul McElwee; ASK A GOAT questions came from Stuart Young, Peter Lawler, PointZeroOne, Christopher Neal, Johan de Wit, and four people who choose to remain anonymous; SLIGHTLY LESS BASIC TIPs from Simon Harris, David Heath, Nick Andrew, Andrew Groom, Paul Williams, Katrina Szetey, Paul Kidd, Daniel O’Connor, Nicholas Fryer, Ric Hayman, Kathy Reid, twiddlekins, Norman Ma, Sean Minney, Syl Mobile, Tim Bell, Andrew Kennedy, Andrew Groom, Melissa Madsen, Kate Carruthers, Adam Fitzpatrick, Chris Gentle, Bob Ogden, and seven people who choose to remain anonymous; BASIC TIPs from, Errol Cavit, Matt Moore, and one person who chose to remain anonymous; and three other very generous souls.

Thanks also to Carl and Jan Roberts from Willow Creek Miniature Goats, and all the friendly goat people who spoke with me. I was a lovely day.

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[Photo: Miniature goat Willow Creek Talisa da Kisser, photographed at GoatFest Tasmania on 25 February 2018.]