Announcing “The 9pm 2019, Part 1”

[Update 28 February 2019: Things have been rescheduled. Please read the post for the details.]

Microphone and Mix

The 9pm Edict is finally returning for 2019 this coming week. There’s four things you need to know right now — including that we want your secret plans for running the ABC.

One, Nicholas Fryer and I are recording our first joint episode this coming Thursday 28 February Thursday 7 March and posted that night, so watch out for that.

Two, if you were running the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), what would you do? The job of managing director is up for grabs right now, so check the requirements, and send us your plans for the organisation — large or small, serious or less so.

Just record something on your phone, tablet, or computer — that would be the ideal — or type some words. Start by telling us who you are, and try to keep it short. Email it to by Wednesday 27 February 6 March at 8pm AEDT.

Three, the subscribe-to-Edict thing is back up and running. If you want to support this podcast with actual money, you can now subscribe to make regular contributions for extra benefits. You can still make a one-off-contribution too.

And four, the first of the best-of episodes will be posted any day now. Stay tuned for that, as well as refreshed websites all round.

You can listen to The 9pm Edict below. But if you want all of the episodes, now and in the future, subscribe to the podcast feed, or go to SoundCloud or Spreaker.


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