“The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading” LIVE

Photo of One Nation's policy flyer, with a microphone in the foregroundSaturday’s recording session of “The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading” will be streamed live from 2000 AEST via Spreaker.

You can listen right here. The widget immediately below currently shows all the episodes of the Edict uploaded to Spreaker. A “Live” button will appear when the broadcast starts.

You can also use the Spreaker apps (the listening apps, not the studio/production apps), or listen on The 9pm Edict’s show page.

If you want to read along at home, grab One Nation’s policy agenda. Tweet along using the hashtag #9pmlive.

A test transmission will start at 1945 AEST, a quarter of an hour before the program proper starts at 2000 AEST.

[Photo: Part of One Nation’s policy flyer, with a Sennheiser microphone in the foreground.]