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Ryann McEnany, the sister of former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, seen in a promotional video for conservative dating site The Right Stuff in August 2022. Inset: Stilgherrian’s new MacBook Pro computer seen on 11 January 2023. (Photo: Stilgherrian)

Happy New Year! The Premier of NSW once dressed as a Nazi and people are losing their minds. It’s the perfect start to 2023.

We also talk about the demise of conservative dating site The Right Stuff, Prince Harry’s willy, Bill Gates’ opinion of cryptocurrency, and some stories from the early days of interactive computers.

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  • [12 January 2023, the Prince Harry grab] How is this real?
  • Frostbite is a skin injury that occurs when exposed to extreme low temperatures, causing the freezing of the skin or other tissues, commonly affecting the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin areas. Most often, frostbite occurs in the hands and feet. The initial symptoms are typically a feeling of cold and tingling or numbing. This may be followed by clumsiness with a white or bluish color to the skin. Swelling or blistering may occur following treatment. Complications may include hypothermia or compartment syndrome.
  • [6 January 2023] Diana S Truman orders use of nuclear weapons against Empire of Japan.
  • [13 January 2023] New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet apologised after revealing he wore a Nazi costume on his 21st birthday.
  • [13 January 2023]NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says he remains confident in his political position, as a storm sparked by revelations he wore a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday party intensifies. 
  • [12 January 2023] All else aside, where, in 2003 Sydney, did Perrottet even get a Nazi uniform from?
  • Each costume is hired out on a weekly basis as a complete outfit.
  • [8 January 2008] Whenever we see Hitler on TV, he’s rendered in slow motion and we hear the droning, threatening music. The message is extremely unsubtle: This Man Is A Monster. I think it’s dangerous to depict Hitler that way.
  • [12 January 2023] Scott Morrison says that for his 21st birthday he dressed up as an airline pilot. And a hairdresser. And a welder. And a builder. And a truck driver. And a cricketer. And a football player. And a barman. And a
  • [13 January 2023] It is written that every NSW Premier has to be brought down by something more fatally stupid than the last one.
  • Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as Adventure or ADVENT) is a text-based adventure game, released in 1976 by developer Will Crowther for the PDP-10 mainframe computer. It was expanded upon in 1977 by Don Woods. In the game, the player explores a cave system rumored to be filled with treasure and gold. The game is composed of dozens of locations, and the player moves between these locations and interacts with objects in them by typing one- or two-word commands which are interpreted by the game's natural language input system. The program acts as a narrator, describing the player's location and the results of the player's attempted actions. It is the first well-known example of interactive fiction, as well as the first well-known adventure game, for which it was also the namesake.
  • Play the original game online.
  • [12 August 2022] The dating app for conservatives explained.
  • The Right Stuff is a dating app for American conservatives. It was founded by John McEntee, Daniel Huff and Isaac Stalzer[2][3] and is funded by tech billionaire Peter Thiel.
  • [28 December 2022] The Right Stuff, the conservative dating app that went live in November, is already looking like it’s on the ropes.
  • Highlights and descriptions of the December 9, 1968 demo by Douglas Engelbart and his team at SRI (at the time called Stanford Research Institute). It was the first public demonstration of the computer mouse and fundamentals of modern computing. The demo included the world debut of personal and interactive computing, featuring a computer mouse that controlled a networked computer system to demonstrate hypertext linking, real-time text editing, multiple windows with flexible view control, cathode display tubes, and shared-screen teleconferencing.
  • [Full video] "The Mother of All Demos is a name given retrospectively to Douglas Engelbart's December 9, 1968, demonstration of experimental computer technologies that are now commonplace. The live demonstration featured the introduction of the computer mouse, video conferencing, teleconferencing, hypertext, word processing, hypermedia, object addressing and dynamic file linking, bootstrapping, and a collaborative real-time editor."
  • Douglas Carl Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) was an American engineer and inventor, and an early computer and Internet pioneer. He is best known for his work on founding the field of human–computer interaction, particularly while at his Augmentation Research Center Lab in SRI International, which resulted in creation of the computer mouse, and the development of hypertext, networked computers, and precursors to graphical user interfaces.
  • Brains of power equal to ours could have evolved in an environment where the combination of artifact materials and muscle strengths were so scaled that the neatest scribing tool (equivalent to a pencil, possible had a shape and mass as manageable as a brick would be to us-assuming that our muscles were not specially conditioned to deal with it. We fastened a pencil to a brick and experimented. Figure 2 shows the results, compared with typewriting and ordinary pencil writing. With the brick pencil, we are slower and less precise. If we want to hurry the writing, we have to make it larger. Also, writing the passage twice with the brick-pencil tires the untrained hand and arm. How would our civilization have matured if this had been the only manual means for us to use in graphical manipulation of symbols?
  • Intelligence amplification (IA) (also referred to as cognitive augmentation, machine augmented intelligence and enhanced intelligence) refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence. The idea was first proposed in the 1950s and 1960s by cybernetics and early computer pioneers.
  • Computer Lib/Dream Machines is a 1974 book by Ted Nelson, printed as a two-front-cover paperback to indicate its "intertwingled" nature. Originally self-published by Nelson, it was republished with a foreword by Stewart Brand in 1987 by Microsoft Press.
  • For the Microsoft co-founder, the future lies in artificial intelligence rather than Web3 or the metaverse.
  • For now, bitcoinism is an amateurish mix of intellectual arrogance; misunderstanding of basic economics (not every asset is money); postmodernism (“gold is no more intrinsically valuable than bitcoin”); a new religion under its prophet, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor; and a very volatile bubble. That is not a promising path forward.

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