The 9pm Death by Woke Mind Virus Superbugs with Dr Trent Yarwood

Dr Trent Yarwood pictured with a variety of potential sources of infection, unless they’ve been washed recently. (Photo: Brisbane Times. Digital processing: Stilgherrian)

In the news this week we’ve been reminded that so-called “superbugs” are going to kill millions of us, so I thought we should talk once more with infectious disease physician Dr Trent Yarwood.

In this episode we talk about antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, but also some interesting research relating to Alzheimer’s disease, the nature of research journalism, Victoria’s plans to put everyone’s health records in one big database and matters of medical privacy, the human genome project, and even a little xenodocheionology, the lore of hotels and inns.

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Trent Yarwood has been on the Edict three times before.

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