Found Art: The Suspect’s Property

The Suspect's Property

A new semi-regular feature, Gentle Readers. Found Art. Objects which I’ve stumbled across in the street.

Today, a Returned Property Docket from the NSW Police Service. It records in detail (and fairly poor typing) exactly what was being carried by S– when he was detained at the Newtown police station, and which was subsequently returned at 2.24am on a Saturday morning.

A life, in summary.

Don’t worry, S–, I’ve shredded the original. Though if you were concerned about your privacy you wouldn’t have thrown it into the street.

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  1. @baxter: And you are who, exactly? And I owe you a service of utility why, exactly?

    If you don’t like what I post, you’re more than welcome to read any of the other several billion web pages out there. Maybe you’ll even find something “useful”.

    I won’t miss you, if this is your standard of comment.

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