AFL Flash Chant: “Howard, time to go!” Pass it on!

Here’s an idea. If could organize a Flash Rave at Sydney Town Hall yesterday with hundreds of people, it should be possible to organize a Flash Chant of “Howard, time to go!” during the AFL Grand Final this afternoon.

Here’s how:

  • Spread the word fast. We’ve 4 hours.
  • Focus on telling people in Melbourne, or who have friends in Melbourne, and AFL fans.
  • Spread the word using every social network you have — SMS, MySpace, Facebook, whatever. (But don’t spam people you know won’t be interested. Choose wisely.)
  • It’d be way cool if the chant was running once TV returned to the game after GetUp! screen their Climate Clever-er ad, or when John Howard was on screen. That means someone should organize someone who’s watching the game on TV to tell people at the ground when it happens. Have a brief trigger-word SMS ready to send instantly.
  • Everyone needs to be chanting the same thing: “Howard, time to go!”
  • If it’s loud enough, during a quiet part of the game, you get national TV coverage!

The crowd for Geelong versus Port Power will presumably have a working-class bias. Everyone will be hyped up for The Big Day anyway. It shouldn’t be too hard to make this happen.

I’ve just created so it’s easier to spread the word, too.

Update: The website has been online less than 2 hours and already it’s received 600 unique visitors. Scary.

4 Replies to “AFL Flash Chant: “Howard, time to go!” Pass it on!”

  1. @Stephen Stockwell: Ah, but this is a bandwagon with a Purpose. This is using the strategies of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: If the enemy is angry, taunt him. And JWH hates being taunted, I suspect. And Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

    And anyway, it’s my bandwagon. Piss off.

  2. Oh dear. Geelong defeats Port Power 163 to 44. Did anyone at the match hear if there was a chant at all? At least we got 1600 unique visitors to a website that was only created 7 hours ago.

  3. Was this exercise a success or a failure? Well, it depends what the aim was, doesn’t it! Since the aim wasn’t clearly defined to begin with, we can shape the answer to that question however we like — just like governments do. 😉

    I will post an analysis of what happened at some point before the end of the long weekend — yes, it’s a holiday in Sydney this Monday. Enjoy!

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