5 Replies to “Ride the Sex Train Gerbil!”

  1. That confused me too; seems a bit of a strange thing to use as a drawing point of the expo. Maybe it’s to bring in people who are curious about what the heck a sex train gerbil is?

  2. @Teresa: I’m assuming that the sex train was some sort of ride-em device, and the gerbil was a suit job — that is, a someone in a promotional mascot animal suit. But given the event I could be very, very wrong…

    Still, it got us talking about the event — even though it finished a week ago

  3. The gerbil was just an overpriced ride that you’d normally find at the show grounds. Imagine a haunted house, but instead of having ghouls and zombies jump at you, you have silhouettes of people banging instead.

    Rather dull to be honest.

    My bulk spam mail folder has more racy stuff in it.

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