Sometimes stereotypes are actually right

Just now, in the next street, I saw a very tall, lean black guy wearing Sydney Kings shorts and a singlet. “Gawd,” I thought, “Let’s follow the ghetto basketball stereotype, eh?” Then a Sydney Kings courtesy car, with two of his team-mates inside, pulled up to collect him. Oh. Oops.

Sometimes the very tall, lean black man is a professional basket-player.

One Reply to “Sometimes stereotypes are actually right”

  1. Heh, I found it a bit amusing you linked somebody wearing NBL apparel to the ghetto basketball stereotype. I would expect a ghetto basketball stereotype to wear NBA apparel. The NBL is far from being ghetto 😆 Basketball is generally a rather un-ghetto experience outside the US.

    So yes, I would agree that the tall, lean black man wearing NBL apparel in Australia is very likely to be a basketball player!

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