How will I cope with the looming Geek Week?

Next week is packed! How can I get the best value out of CeBIT Sydney and the associated Transaction 2.0 conference, as well as Microsoft’s ReMIX 08? What should I record or broadcast? What should I write about?

CeBIT Sydney logo

CeBIT was always on my agenda. Despite being disappointing last year and despite annoying me with a flood of email, it’s still the biggest IT trade show in Australia. It’s worth going just to see who’s confidently spending money on promotion, if nothing else.

I’ll be touring the trade show floor on Wednesday 21 May. If you want to meet up, let me know. Maybe I should even do a Stilgherrian Live Alpha from the bloggers media room? Whaddyathink?

If you still haven’t organised your free pass, you can register online using my promotion code: stilcs08.

On Thursday 22 May I’ll be at Transaction 2.0, with an interesting set of speakers. Again, it’s a matter of choosing the priorities. Who should I talk to? Should I pick a fight with Jason Calacanis?

ReMIX 08 logo

But I kick off the Geek Week on Tuesday 20 May with ReMIX 08, where Microsoft says I’ll “experience all that is new in Silverlight 2, Expression 2, IE8, Live and a host of other great web technologies… You will also see how local Australian innovators are creating the next generation of engaging websites and unprecedented user experiences for the web.”

Provided they build it with Microsoft’s tools, of course. 😉

That’s unfair. Microsoft is changing. It’ll be interesting to hear what they’re up to.

Now my only challenge is working out how all this fits into one week, while still leaving room to do some billable hours for clients.

7 Replies to “How will I cope with the looming Geek Week?”

  1. yes, it WILL be interesting to hear what MS are up to, and to see if the change talked about by you in December is still just talk, or whether there is some real traction.

    Are you covering any of the geek-week events for the Crikey bunker? Not as good as billable hours, but hey – promotion is wonderful.

    Transaction 2.0 looks like the highlight of the week… Look forward to hearing about it.

    And re your last lien on comment 9107 – But they do!!!

  2. Hi stilgherrian

    I managed to negotiate a free Press pass to the CEBIT e-marketing & SEO conference so I’ll be there all day Wednesday writing my blog post review and then -> STUB meetup at 6pm

    Please send me links to any recordings/reviews you write so I can link to them and I’ll send you the URL for my review

  3. @Neerav: Yes, we should definitely compare notes! I’m not sure if I’ll make the STUB gathering, though, as in theory I should be going to the gym after too long a gap. Pain is my friend…

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