The Google oracle

Thanks to a post at The Inquisitr, I’ve found a whole new way to waste time: letting Google suggest the questions we should be asking.

Screenshot of Google asking "Why does he..."

Just start type in the first part of a question, like “Why does he…”, and Google tells you what’s important to people.

  • Why does he do that?
  • Why does he ignore me?
  • Why does he like me?
  • Why does he love me?
  • Why does he cheat?
  • Why does he push me away?
  • Why does he lie?
  • Why does he stare at me?
  • Why does he text instead of call?
  • Why does he hurt me?

Screenshot of Google asking "Why does she..."

Asking the same question about females gets a similar-but-different result.

  • Why does she stay lyrics?
  • Why does she stay ne yo?
  • Why does she ignore me?
  • Why does she cheat?
  • Why does she stay lyrics neo?
  • Why does she love me?
  • Why does she like me?
  • Why does she lie?
  • Why does she play hard to get?
  • Why does she stay youtube?

Screenshot of Google asking "Why do they..."

Asking “Why do they…” is rather more differenter.

  • Why do they call New York The Big Apple?
  • Why do they call getting sick a cold?
  • Why do they call it the birds and the bees?
  • Why do they call it the clap?
  • Why do they always send the poor?
  • Why do they call it Fat Tuesday?
  • Why do they rock so hard?
  • Why do they act that way?
  • Why do they drive on the left side of the road…?
  • Why do they leave lyrics?

Screenshot of Google asking "Where is...?"

And finally (for now), asking “Where is…?

  • Where is my refund?
  • Where is the love lyrics?
  • Where is Chuck Norris?
  • Where is my mind lyrics?
  • Where is my state refund?
  • Where is the love?
  • Where is my stimulus check?
  • Where is Dubai?
  • Where is your appendix?
  • Where is the Grand Canyon?

OK, that’s enough. Back to work.

3 Replies to “The Google oracle”

  1. My person favourite so far:

    Why do…
    we celebrate Australia day,
    whales beach themselves,
    men have nipples

    And yet no Google auto complete for ‘stupid copyright cases’ – go figure…

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