Most popular posts of 2011

As has become my wont, at the end of each year I do a series of posts looking back at what I’ve done and how people reacted. This is the first, a list of the most-read posts from 2011.

There’s not a lot to choose from this year. Most of my writing has been elsewhere. But there’s some interesting results nonetheless.

  1. Right, Google, you stupid cunts, this is simply not on! I’m not surprised this is the most-read, but it simply wouldn’t have gotten the attention it did if it weren’t for the c-word. I’ve actually received quite a few compliments about this post.
  2. I just don’t get LinkedIn, do you?
  3. Follow Politics & Technology Forum people on Twitter.
  4. Patch Monday: There are no NBN apps: Turnbull. Given that this is actually just linkage to the podcast site, I’m surprised it got this many views.
  5. On stage for the Microsoft Politics & Technology Forum, being my plug for the event.
  6. Goodbye, Artemis. I’m hardly surprised this one generated so much traffic. There was so much interest in the demise of this much-loved feline.
  7. So LinkedIn is a giant Rolodex, eh?
  8. Twitter: a guide for busy paranoids
  9. And so begins 2011… in fear, being one of my rare personal pieces.
  10. Google+ gives me grief, generally

And here are the 10 most-read posts of 2011 that weren’t written in 2011.

  1. So this is human sexuality? This is what happens when you fill a post with sex-related keywords.
  2. Why all corporate PR droids should be shot
  3. HTC Desire to OS X tethering via USB, still getting hits despite being for an outdated version of Android.
  4. Conroy’s speech to ALIA Information Online 2009
  5. Jim Wallace’s pro-censorship lies and distortions. I’m surprised that this post in particular was pulling traffic, out of all those about internet censorship, because I don’t think it’s the best.
  6. My new hero: Hideki Moronuki
  7. Viocorp Future Forum: The Future of News Reporting
  8. Note to “old media” journalists: adapt, or stfu!
  9. Topic 9 to discuss Australia 2020 Summit’s government topic
  10. Cheap fake tan and fat thighs? Snooki!

If you’d like to compare this with previous years, try these: