Stilgherrian Live Alpha: episode 1 tonight!

Episode 1 Tonight: Stilgherrian Live Alpha

I’ve just organised by first guest(s) for tonight’s inaugural episode of Stilgherrian Live Alpha. And, as you can see, we’ve spent half the night playing with graphics too.

I’ll be speaking with Adam Purcell and/or Jared Madden from about campaign — their counter-campaign to the music industry’s propaganda film, Australian Music In Tune, which I wrote about the other day.

How can the music industry respond to the dramatic changed happening around them? Is it actually too late for them to change? And it’s interesting to note that the film on their website right now isn’t quite the same as the one originally released…

Since it’s the first program, I’ll probably tell you a bit about myself and what’s been on my radar this week. If there’s anything you’ve wanted to ask me, now’s the time.

Stilgherrian Live Alpha is recorded live at at 9.30pm Sydney time (1130 UTC), and I’ll be talking “talkback” via audio and video.

If you turn up early, you’ll probably see us doing some last-minute technical tests. And once the program is recorded, I’ll turn it in a podcast — details later.

3 Replies to “Stilgherrian Live Alpha: episode 1 tonight!”

  1. Hey Stil “If you turn up early”

    This is a “virtual” “turn up”, or do we bring a couple of nice deep South Aust reds and rock up in real life???

  2. @bernard: Oh a virtual turn-up, i.e. if you arrive at the website before we start recording. We’ll be doing some tests and a technical run-through or some sequences.

    The whole process will become mobile when it’s finished this shake-down cruise and then, yes, a studio audience is possible.

    On the other hand, the whole point is doing it on the Internet

  3. your ironometer needs calibration…

    however, this will be a challenge for my crapulous broad-bean connection. Would be better if it were a string-bean (wire) connection, but no…

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