Episode 3 happens tonight, no matter what

By tonight I’ll be exhausted after 3 days of geekery. If the nice long cough I just had is any indication, I’ll be feeling ratty for other reasons too. Nevertheless, episode 3 of Stilgherrian Live Alpha will be on the Internet at 9.30pm Sydney time — no matter how ill-prepared, no matter how ill. I suspect that the worse I feel, the snarkier I’ll get. There will also be embarrassing videos.

5 Replies to “Episode 3 happens tonight, no matter what”

  1. @Snarky Platypus: Absolutely. Not only is there the promise of a Jerry Springer dust up with Phil Morle…

    …After last night at the bar, where his drink was spiked with alcohol by a shadow resembling Jason Calacanis, Stilgherrian awakes to the first symptoms of a cocktail of tropical fevers that threaten the very existence of this evening’s podcast. It’s going to be a cliff-hanger of <insert disaster movie of choice here> proportions.

    I hope David Lynch is taking notes.

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