Episode 3 online!

For better or for worse, episode 3 of Stilgherrian Live Alpha is online over at Ustream. I did rant at the camera as threatened. I went for 45 minutes instead of 25 to 30 because I was looking at the wrong clock. I have destroyed my personal brand forever. Chat logs to be reviewed later.

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  1. So, this new show of yours, what’s it called… “Buffering 4%”? Interesting name. I like the way you pause every few seconds to catch your breath. That’s very important if you want to avoid wearing yourself out. However, that stutter you’ve developed is a worry. You should talk to a speech therapist.

    The opening music was good though.

  2. And I hope the steel bucket you were sitting in was comfortable. It certainly sounded spacious. Have you considered running for the role of Davros in next year’s Doctor Who?

  3. Sigh I was enjoying it until “Warlach” came on and the static made it impossible. Ah well, next time maybe. Keep up the good work…

  4. Yeah, shame about the audio during that clip. I still enjoyed the episode though. It had a certain… psycho charm to it.

    I also worked out why I couldn’t type in the chatroom at the start:

    I had logged in with the wrong username and password, but rather then tell me it was wrong, Ustream just considers it to be a unregistered user (without typing privileges).

    By the way, did you realise that Jason Calacanis’ initials are the same as Jesus Christ. JC.

  5. @Eric TF Bat: Thanks for your “support”. 😛

    @Michael Meloni: The problem with the Warlach clip was, as with almost all of the other problems, a lack of CPU power. The other two videos I dropped in were already scaled down to 320 x 240 pixels. Warlach’s was still the full broadcast-quality SD video from the camera. Clearly the G4 chip wasn’t up to re-coding it on the fly. Another lesson for Alpha mode.

    JC = Jason Calacanis = Jesus Christ? The way some people were hanging on his every word at CeBIT you’d think he was indeed the Messiah! Look, he’s a smart man who knows his stuff and says what he thinks. He’s worth listening to. But he does seem to attract people looking for The Chosen One. That’s more about a defect in their character than in JCal’s, IMHO.

  6. Ah, I luvs ya really, Stillybabes. I’ll tune in next week, and watch with unabated joy as you gradually solve all your technical problems, presumably by upgrading to Ubuntu Linux.

    One thing alarms me though, now I think of it: you live in the inner west of Sydney, within eccy-tab-hurling distance of King Street, and you can’t find some grungy, bath-phobic indy rockers in op-shop black and vegan Blundstones to do you a twenty-second opening theme in return for a plug on a podcast? You’re just not trying hard enough!

    And I think you’d be great as Davros!

  7. @Eric TF Bat: “You’re just not trying hard enough”? Probably true. I haven’t bothered with theme music because what follows the Alpha may be something completely different.

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