Bring on the olive oil, Patty!

While my Predictions for 2008 were mostly full of FAIL, there is one bonus. I did correctly predict Barack Obama as the next US President. Which means I won a bet!

Patty wrote:

If he wins, I will spank you with a feather duster and call you blinky all night long while rubbing your body with Four Seasons jam and olive oil. We must be playing Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach in the background.

You’ll have to bring the feather duster, Patty, but the olive oil is a’warming…

3 Replies to “Bring on the olive oil, Patty!”

  1. That sounds incredibly messy. I hope one of you thought to grab a tarp (and a camera) for this adventure!

  2. @Kym Huynh: Even back in January, I think I detected something of Obama’s energy and brilliant speaking skills. It was clear to me that the Democrats would win, it was just a matter of choosing the candidate, and I thought that Hillary Clinton represented too much of the same-old same-old when the US, like Australia a year ago, was crying out for change.

    @Giania: If this happens then, yes, it will be recorded for posterity. I emailed Patty on Saturday but haven’t received a reply yet. I don’t even know if Patty is male or female.

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