Separated by the years (a birthday post)

Two photographs of Stilgherrian, one recent, and one from circa-1980

It’s my birthday. To mark the occasion, ’Pong took a photo the other day which reflects a self-portrait it took many years ago — possibly in 1980 though I can’t be sure. Nothing’s changed.

Since every blog post should link to at least one other thing, do consider whether I look like Ja’mie King, whether you like the unshaven version, or the scary version.

6 Replies to “Separated by the years (a birthday post)”

  1. WOW great shot to mark the Birthday can we ask how old you are today Stil?

  2. Wonder what the guy on the right would say to the guy on the left if he bumped into him?

  3. So which one is you now? I can’t spot the difference. Well, except that the spoon is holier.

  4. Happy Birthday, BTW…

    I would like to see the famous shot of you with the vegemite. Do you still have a copy of that?

  5. Thank you, everyone, here and on Twitter and Facebook who’ve sent their birthday wishes and commented upon the photos. I am, genuinely, overwhelmed.

    @Matt Tulk: I will not reveal my age this year. However next year I will be celebrating a significant milestone year.

    @Snif: The guy on the right would tell the guy on the left to get a haircut you stupid. And get off my lawn. More intriguing, though, is what the guy on the left would say. Especially after reading this website.

    @Eric T F Bat: But I am the spoon!

    @Andrew Allison: Yes, I have a printed copy of the “famous” photo of me with the Vegemite, but it’s faded somewhat over the years. One day I’ll see whether the scanner likes it.

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