Take my hand…

It’s totally safe. Our journey involves YouTube, a cleanskin Cabernet Merlot and that blurry hour before the sleeping pill kicks in. There is no need for alarm. Let us begin…

  1. All systems are go!. And once you learn the lyrics, sing along!
  2. Play the Countdown version and/or the Bandstand version, and explain which you prefer.
  3. Discuss whether the follow-up single release was a mistake or not.
  4. Should I admit to owning an autographed copy of that band’s album, or explain how it came to be in my possession?
  5. Does the knowledge that the album was produced by Ian “Molly” Meldrum change your answer to the previous question?
  6. Are cover versions ever acceptable?
  7. Does Adam Richard speak the truth?
  8. Come to Daddy.
  9. Grand Finale.

You may now each ask one question related to the above. I shall answer truthfully.

6 Replies to “Take my hand…”

  1. Wow Stilgherrian, truly a brilliant post.

    1. Did you grow up watching that show? Why isn’t Bob Downe running for the Senate? Found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvZL8OWHbUw

    2. The Countdown version has cool visuals. BUT the bandstand version is introduced by Daryl, which is golden. Guess I like it both ways.

    3. Follow up singles need to be stronger not weaker!

    4. No, but I am curious on how it came into your possession!

    5. Ok now I am very curious. Was it in exchange for an Egyptian artifact?

    6. Cover versions are always fab, even if they are bad. As long as they add something of their own. But think I draw the line at the trance mix of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”. Some music is sacred.

    7. Why is Adam Richard restricted to appearing as a guest on David Reyne’s morning show? He should be hosting it.

    8. His Windowlicker filmclip gets under my skin as well.

    9. How did those men get away with such dedicated and sincere drag?

  2. Poppycock. ‘UFO’ was the best thing Gerry Anderson ever did. Better clothes, better music, and cooler spacecraft (courtesy of Derek Meddings and Mike Trim).

  3. It’s actually rather depressing that my late-night thoughts about the detritus of popular culture garner longer and more interesting comments than more serious topics… nevertheless…

    @Jason: Oh, you only get one question! I’ll answer the middle one, number 5. No, no Egyptian artefact was involved — thank the gods!

    Actually, I’ll answer number 4 as well. Back in that era, I happened to have long, curly hair not too dissimilar to that of Gary Twinn, Supernaut’s lead singer. Then there’s the nose. Some people insisted we were related, which we’re not. When the band played in my then-hometown of Adelaide, I caught up with them and got the lack of blood relation put on the record. I got the autographed album too.

    Also, since I was under 18 at the time, I most certainly did not have beers with the band in the bar behind the performance venue on Hindley Street, nor play several games of pool (badly).

    The one problem I have with Gerry Anderson’s UFO is that the acting was still so very wooden, despite the actors not actually being made of wood. I feel cheated.

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