Weekly Poll: How do you feel about Supernaut re-forming?

Supernaut: click to watch video

Three polls in a row about Australian politics is enough. There are more important issues than defending the constitution or the PM blaming an interest rate rise on state debt when there is no state debt — and then spending taxpayer’s money to advertise the lie.

No, what concerns us this week is the news that Supernaut has reformed for the Countdown Spectacular 2

I’ve written about Supernaut before. But for readers younger than… well, for younger readers, here’s a quick refresher.

Supernaut was one of the finest musical acts of the 1970s. Watch the video of their number 1 hit I Like It Both Ways and you’ll agree. You’ll naturally want to see She’s Too Hot to Touch and Kids Art Out Tonight as well.

Tonight on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Debate, the sublime Paul McDermott recalled that I Like It Both Ways was his favourite song as a child.

“I like it both ways.” I was 7 years old at the time. I didn’t know what it was about…! It was 3 years before I found out what it meant. And even then I would have preferred it was from someone my own age, rather than a 45-year-old postal worker with tight, tight shorts who went by the name of Saddle Face.

As I say, Supernaut has reformed. Please, go to the website, vote, and tell me how you feel about that. And do add your comments…

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7 Replies to “Weekly Poll: How do you feel about Supernaut re-forming?”

  1. A couple of comments after seeing the YouTube (I have not been exposed to this song before):

    1. Great lyrics. I love the vocal delivery of the title line by the singer.
    2. The track needs to have a little more urgency though — it doesn’t really embrace the over-the-topness till the last 30-45 secs.
    3. There needs to be more inappropriate body and hand movements in the video.
    4. Molly will do anything, won’t he?
  2. @Snarky Platypus: Are you feeling OK? That was remarkably positive. On point 3, you’ve got to remember this was 1976, and Countdown was on TV at 6pm Sundays — family time. This video was shocking enough as it was.

  3. @bucket: Goodness. Yes, Wikipedia confirms that.

    A four-track EP, Kill Kill Kill was released in 1985 containing cover versions of “Kill Kill Kill” originally by The Sacred Cows on “The Groovy Guru” episode of US comedy TV series, Get Smart; Australian group Supernaut’s “I Like it Both Ways”; The Ramones’ “Do You Remember Rock’n’Roll Radio?” and The Saints’ “Know Your Product”.

    Alas, I could not find this song online, at least in a brief search.

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