Visiting San Francisco for VMworld 2012

I’m heading to San Francisco for VMware’s VMworld 2012 event starting on Sunday 26 August and staying on for the rest of the week.

I see that the logo features the words “Right here right now”. If they play that effing Fat Boy Slim song, I will truly go postal!

This will be my fifth visit to San Francisco in the last two years, and I must admit the place really is growing on me. Apart from the fact that it’s in that collapsing empire called the US. It does depress me to see the disabled veterans begging on the streets.

I mentioned this trip on Twitter about half an hour ago and already I’ve been told to visit a “beer mecca” called Toronado. What else, do you think?

And yes, I’m travelling as VMware Inc’s guest.

3 Replies to “Visiting San Francisco for VMworld 2012”

  1. Oh, that’s disappointing. A VMWare conference in San Francisco? Actually what happens is they drive you to Dubbo and put you in a room that works exactly like San Francisco but slightly slower and with less up-to-date graphics support. And in theory you can drag things from outside the room and drop them inside it, but in practice it always seems to require that you install something and fiddle with the settings and nobody in the forums ever knows how to make it work.

    Oh well, have fun!

  2. @Eric TF Bat: This explains why they want to promote virtual machines down into SMEs and consumers. Dubbo is way cheaper now what Qantas dropped the direct flights from Sydney to San Francisco.

  3. Oh you KNOW they’re going to play that song, so you should probably prepare yourself by wearing mittens and being a bit drunk. No one wearing mittens ever went postal.

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