Weekly Poll: Over the election yet?

We’ve suffered the longest pre-election campaign in Australia’s history, and then an abnormally long 6-week “official” campaign instead of the usual 5. Finally, it’s the last week before polling day. Are you over the whole thing yet?

Or are you only now deciding to get interested? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to one final orgy of campaigning. Which is it? Go to the website to vote!

[poll id=”13″]

Last week’s results: From the choices offered, most voters thought John Howard was the most disconnected from voters. Yes, Prime Minister, you are the problem, it seems. However a few people recognised that the Australian Democrats have had their day.

[Yes, I know the weekly poll hasn’t been weekly lately. It was a non-core promise. Deal with it.]

2 Replies to “Weekly Poll: Over the election yet?”

  1. I saw the word “orgy” and voted for that option. After looking at it a bit more closely, no I don’t think I want to participate in an “orgy of campaigning” (though if it’s with Julie Bishop, Chris Pyne and several goats, well who can refuse?)

  2. @Snarky Platypus: I think you should read back through the scenario you’ve just proposed, look at some photos of the participants you suggest, and really think about checking yourself into an appropriate facility.

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