Weekly Poll: Merry Bloody Christmas!

Photograph of Stilgherrian for Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when a celebration of the birth of social radical Joshua bar Joseph is turned into a retail extravaganza.

How do you feel about Christmas? Personally, I get annoyed with the “compulsory cheerfulness” and the pointless mob behaviour. As the old saying goes, you can’t pick your families, and Christmas forces them together regardless — though reports that the suicide rate peaks at Christmas is an urban legend.

Yes, how do you feel about Christmas? Go to the website to vote, or add your comments here.

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[Yes, that is me in the photograph. I made the antlers for the Snarky Platypus, who should be wearing them on Friday, and ’Pong took the photo using my Nokia N80.]

14 Replies to “Weekly Poll: Merry Bloody Christmas!”

  1. For me more than anything these days Christmas represents a chance to stop and breathe for a few days, although I will probably go to midnight mass of one variety or another (not the Catholic cathedral, since I can’t stand Pell).

    I do like the pic — I think you should use it as an image for Christmas cards — possibly for your business clients. It made me laugh.

  2. PS — although if you’re using it for a Christmas card, I much prefer ‘Merry bloody Christmas’ to ‘season’s greetings’ — put the Christ back into bloody Christmas, I say.

  3. @Quatrefoil: Actually, I’d already decided to use the image for my business Christmas cards, and will be emailing some people later.

    I agree that Christ has been left out of Christmas, but since I’m not a Christian and recognise that many people celebrate other things at this time of the year I may leave the “Season’s Greetings” as is.

    I do like the odd collision of signs at a nearby Pakistani restaurant though: “100% Halal. Merry Christmas.”

    @’Pong: Yeah not a bad job. Thanks for your help.

  4. The antlers have attracted many compliments, but am currently taking a break from wearing them, as they are quite heavy! Many thanks to all those involved in constructing them — an excellent job done.

  5. @Snarky Platypus: We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo! We need a photo!

  6. Perhaps ‘Season’s bloody greetings’ then? I’m finding the great Australian adjective sadly underused these days …

  7. @billy: Hey good to see you here! We were only just talking about you! One “mouth” is actually the gap between my lower lip and my somewhat prominent chin. You can sorta see it a bit better on the About Stilgherrian page. I was doing a very lip-curly grumpy gesture.

    @Quatrefoil: Agree re the Great Aussie Adjective. Which gives me an excuse to link to this very dangerous Derek & Clive sketch. Hold onto your ears!

  8. Dear one, I resist Christmas as an invention of Hallmark cards and the Retail Traders Association. I really just do not feel touched, moved or inspired by anything it has to offer. There are those of faith who view this as an occasion for celebration, and I most certainly do not begrudge them that — whatever pops your cork, I say. I am however more than a little concerned by the rampant consumerism fuelled by an expectation that $$$ spent somehow reflects love, affinity and appreciation. ohhhhh no. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I really cannot see the point. I prefer generosity, acceptance, sharing and sheer unbridled bloody joy all year ’round, not an orgy of excess focused on one day of the year. I don’t immerse myself in a frenzy of decorations, light shows or even sending cards…certainly no family get togethers… but do enjoy seeing people don tinsel antlers for amusing pix and indulging in debates such as this. cheers K xxx

  9. @Karen: Glad to see you here, m’dear! Yes, one of the Irritations of Christmas (should there be 12?) is pressure to be happy and joyous right now because the TV says so. My life proceeds at its own pace, as does everyone else’s, and mine is often out of synch with “the majority”.

    I wrote previously about this on International Talk like a Pirate Day. Christmas is no different, except that the words of that Jesus bloke are a little more significant than “Aaaargh, me hearties!” I agree with many of his sentiments, as opposed to the dodgy reinterpretations in the centuries since then. However, as you say, they’re meant to be a constant part of your life, not a once-off guilt-removal via a quick round of Oh come all ye faithful.

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