Sydney dust storm, 23 September 2009

Sure, the Sydney dust storm was ages ago. But I’m setting up a Posterous account and playing with its ability to post automatically to Flickr, Twitter and my WordPress website.

This photo was taken on Enmore Road, Enmore at about 7.30am on 23 September 2009. It’s a frame grab from my HD video camera.

I hate doing live experiments like this, because I care about how material is presented on my website. Perhaps that’s old-fashioned, but I don’t like things turning ugly. Presentation counts. OK, you’ve seen my dress sense? Sorry.

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[Update: I’ll leave the formatting of this post as-is. If you look at the code, you’ll see that Posterous has its own somewhat shitty ideas about HTML. It also scaled the photo to Posterous’ 500-pixel width rather than my layout’s 600-pixel width. Bother. I have, however, changed the category from “Uncategorised” (ugh!) to stuff that fits my taxonomy. I’ve also added tags. The tags I’d added for Posterous didn’t make it through to WordPress.]

4 Replies to “Sydney dust storm, 23 September 2009”

  1. Poor Australia. Can’t catch a break from the weather. One year dust storms, next year floods. In the states this year it’s tornadoes like it used to be when I was a kid. Since there’s a lot more people and media it seems to happen more often. I’m sure both sides of the Global Warming War are both working to use your picture to prove they’re right.

  2. Dave you comment re more people and more media strikes a cord with me as I have just watched the anniversary events here in Brisbane for the January 2011 floods. Without making light of the issues that many people still face, once upon a time disasters and occurrences on the other side of the world would not been beamed into your living room on a nightly basis.

    Communication is great. But so often we are now overloaded. I think that this surfeit of information frequently makes folk more apprehensive than informed.

    My two cents worth

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