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August 3rd, 2008

Mon plan: Plough thru inbox & tasks at desk; plan August; break for 1400 client site meeting Darlinghurst; gym &dinn@SnarkyPlatypusPlatypus.

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@Jade_pingping Oh everything is perfect. Everything is always perfect now that Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister. He has a nice smile.

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Emerges. Stretches. Noting that hours of walking Cockatoo Island and head-imploding contemporary art makes everything ache.

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@firstdogonmoon The dodgy Qik audio/video was ‘cos I’d optimised for stream speed, not quality. Need to go to HSDPA when I get a new phone.

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@kcarruthers Summize was bought by Twitter, the name is deprecated. Try instead, which is what it’s now called.

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Erskineville Hotel for a cheap feed. @ApostrophePong and me.

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Alternative route via Erskineville then home to then Good Village.

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Could you useless pricks have moved any fucking slower thru the station? FUCK OFF AND DIE!

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Ta for the feedback on vid, will look when I get home. Battery on last leg. Relying on @ApostrophePong now.

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Once the ferry starts moving I’ll start streaming at… … 30 seconds.

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@BZB Oh, yes, most certainly. By Emily Sundblad, from Sweden / New York.

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(You can tell it’s Art, it’s in black & white.) Also, beware of the aggressive birds. I think I know why they’re aggressive.

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@SnarkyPlatypus I’m glad ur not here. In prison barracks, watching 90min film of girl peeing in pot so daddy can drink the pure gold. Art.

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Enough server stuff. The files, they are accessible. Now to Circular Quay and Cockatoo Island.

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