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May 7th, 2010

I now have a policy @trib @ApostrophePong that if such a “Right here, right now” video plays, I walk out.

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@trib @ApostrophePong Thing is, those videos are NOT infographics, they’re just words animating on-screen. They’re a fraud.

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Interesting reactions to my ABC Unleashed piece, “NBN: analysts miss the point”

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Emerges, surrounded by cats. [Il apparaît, entouré de chats.]

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Fading. You know where to find me tomorrow. [exit]

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See? Told you! Shangri-la!

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I’ve just realised that “Sangria” and “Shangri La” are pretty much the same thing, do you not agree?

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@maldamkar I’m not sure who’s commentating Eurovision this year. Terry Wogan is gone, of course. Julia Zamiro for SBS, maybe?

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@elerimai Ah, the joys of Canberra… I’m afraid you did choose that path, m’dear…

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Also, Eurovision at the Pub, Sunday 30 May at Kelly’s on King, is confirmed. I’ll start gathering numbers in due course.

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If people are still looking for Saturday arvo activities, there’s [coughs] my birthday drinks…

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Mobile: Enmore Rd; King St; local errands; afternoon writing & wrap-up spot. What a strange week.

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Oh dear. Now I am SERIOUSLY confused! HT @Colvinius (no, really), ping @SnarkyPlatypus

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@glengyron Yes, the NBN study has a whole “activation rate by cohort” model to account for less-than-100% takeup.

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@jdub It may be faster with -print0 and xargs etc, but this directory only gets a handful of new files a day so speed is not an issue.

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@expectproblems Ah, the joys of saving hours of stuffing around! There’s a certain joy in a judicious shell script run from cron…

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I have only one thing to say, and that’s: find $DIR -mtime +$AGE -exec rm -f {} \;

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@dpn Endpoints and routers are a small part of NBN’s total cost. Mostly trenches, poles, labour. Haven’t got to that bit of the report yet.

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@oliyoung Well if I can’t have animated zombies on the ABC website, what CAN I have? [pouts]

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RT @AOCarr: Will all mums in 2020 Australia have their own mining robots? [I certainly hope so. There’d be many benefits.]

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I suppose that’s what I get for using French… Sigh.

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@escapisam Actually it’s “voilà”, with a grave accent, and my original copy had it correct. Ping @GreenJ and his ill-educated minion.

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Me at ABC Unleashed: “NBN: analysts miss the point”

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@renailemay Oh. I didn’t get an email. Presumably I’m not a “key media contact”. [sulks]

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And, that’s that story written and filed. There’s the morning’s work done. Now, to plan the rest of the day…

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