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January 26th, 2012

@Nate_Mowbray It’s buses after 1900 tonight, yes, but then all tomorrow. So tomorrow is when I go. Sigh.

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Excellent. Solar power is in order. I shall stay in Sydney today and do SFA, and head to Wentworth Falls tomorrow. There is no plan.

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@drueyjay Thanks for that, but alas it all depends on the status of the solar power system, which @R_Chirgwin will tell me about at 1000.

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“Buses will replace trains between … Blacktown and Lithgow on the Blue Mountains Line.” Oh poo. HT @oberonsghost

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@sylmobile Nah the good-wielders will be doing Blue Mountains and beyond to Sydney. I’ll be going the other way.

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Oh oops, @sroc, that’s all meant the be Thu plan, as today is Thu, even though it feels like Sat. I am an arsehat.

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Sat plan: Still flexible, deciding at 1000 whether to head to Wenworth Falls today or tomorrow.

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Wow. Sleep. And it’s what? Thursday?

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New blog post: “Weeky Wrap 84: Rosellas, cyberwar and lots of radio”, covering 9 to 15 Jan.

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New blog post: “Talking SOPA on Adelaide radio 1395 FIVEaa”, audio from 18 Jan.

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@sgentle And happy thing to you too. I think the chest hair problem can be overcome with MOAR LYCRA.

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The kangaroo-esque dance moves accompanying the “musica discothequa” are particularly special.

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Also, @ApostrophePong’s contribution from 2011 was quite a bit special.

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Avatar courtesy of @ApostrophePong’s contributions to Australian culture. Later, @SnarkyPlatypus will sing.

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Inproving all the things, until the sleeping pill kicks in.

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@NOH8ER @benpobjie True, it’s better when I’m just recommending shooting people in the stomach.

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@jonoabroad They were had noodles, too many of them, and what even is hoi sin sauce anyway?

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RT @benpobjie If you kill a platypus you will become a god [Well, I’ve been tempted…]

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