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August 21st, 2016

I was thinking of bringing out more shadow detail in that photo, but I kinda like it as it is.

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New blog post: “Weekly Wrap 325: Crossing a canal as winter ends”

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New blog post: “Talking Facebook’s Project Aquila on @RadioNational” (13 min audio from Wed)

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RT @rpy: There is a child sitting in a trolley in the Ikea market hall who keeps saying “kill me” over and over and she has my sympathy

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@natecochrane @GizmodoAU Well there’s a question, and I dunno. I guess if you’re open about it up front. [Shrugs.]

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@SecretChimp This time I saw that the 633 Squadron footage is a mix of the training sequence and the actual mission, but the point is made.

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@loddlaen @GizmodoAU What does the very first sentence of the story say?

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Check out this comparison between the original Death Star destruction run and the WWII film 633 Squadron.

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Oh, a Star Wars film knocking off an entire sequence from another film? Hardly surprising, they’ve got form…

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Perhaps they should put DNS on the Blockchain. #helping

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Sun plan, draft: Sleep in (done); potter pointlessly (in progress); Sunday lunch; certain urgent shopping; blog x 2, including Weekly Wrap.

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GonzoHacker Just woke enough to be fuckable

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Damn, I should’ve taken a photo. With blood all over my unshaven face it looked like I’d been snuffling my way through a slaughtered pig.

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Oh God so much blood.

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tinybaby asking for a friend

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Sunday. Whatever you think you can hear, it’s definitely harmless. Sunday.

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