Weekly Wrap 274: Spring has sprung, with many thoughts

Wading in Kuala Lumpur: click to embiggenMy week of Monday 31 August 2015 to Sunday 6 September was a bit all over the place, but I did achieve most of what I wanted to achieve.

I did take some time out to do some bits and pieces which I’ll explain another time — but that’s why this week’s list looks a bit thin.



Media Appearances

  • On Tuesday evening, I spoke about various tech stories with Tim Brunero on ABC 702 Sydney and Local Radio around NSW. I chose not to record it.
  • On Wednesday, I took part in the closing debate of the ACCAN National Conference. A recording will appear in due course. I have now posted a video recording and transcript.


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Corporate Largesse


The Week Ahead

On Monday, I’ll be doing the laundry, shopping, and tidying the Ashfield apartment, ready for its inhabitants’ return, and eventually making my own way back to the Blue Mountains. With luck, I’ll also finish the ZDNet column that I started writing on Friday and catching up with a couple of people. On Tuesday, I’ll finish some chores before returning to Wentworth Falls.

On Tuesday Wednesday, I’ll be going to Parramatta to buy the audio gear that’s been funded by The 9pm Urgent Hardware Refresh, testing it all, and creating the software configuration to use on Saturday.

On Wednesday Thursday, I’ll be preparing my UTS lecture, and writing for ZDNet again.

On Friday, I’ll head to Sydney on an early train, because I’m presenting my guest lecture at UTS at 0900. I’ll then return to Wentworth Falls around lunchtime to prepare for the weekend. This includes some more detailed testing of the audio gear.

On Saturday, it’s the recording session for The 9pm Edict Public House Forum in Penrith, and on Sunday that will be turned into a finished podcast.

Update 8 September 2015: Edited to reflect a change to this week’s schedule. Update 27 September 2015: Edited to add link to ACCAN debate recording.

[Photo: Wading in Kuala Lumpur, a bird of unknown species photographed on 12 September 2011.]