Weekly Wrap 495: Bushfire smoke, cybers, and a random magpie

As bushfire smoke engulfed the Sydney region, giving the city the worst air quality in the world, my week of Monday 18 to Sunday 24 November plodded along in a satisfactory manner.


I’ve also done a heap of research for some ZDNet stories to come on Monday and Tueaday.

Podcasts, Corporate Largesse


Media Appearances

  • On Tuesday evening I spoke about cybersecurity and the internet of things (IoT) on ABC Canberra. No recording yet.

The Week Ahead

Monday and Tuesday are definitely about writing. I’m way below my revenue targets for the month. That needs to be fixed. I should be posting three stories over the two days.

On Wednesday afternoon I’m heading down to Sydney for an evening event at the Lowy Institute, The disinformation age: Can democracy survive social media?. I’ll stay overnight so I can troll myself at a Lowy Institute lunch, An address on China by Tony Abbott, and then write about one of the other.

Once more I’m hoping to do a podcast later in the week. Will it happen? Maybe with your support.

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Further Ahead

Here’s the plan so far. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

  • Communications & Internet Community Boat Cruise & After Party, Sydney, 5 December 2019. (Invitation only. I won’t be going to the after party.)
  • Taiwan’s 2020 Elections, Lowy Institute, Sydney, 10 December 2019.
  • APNIC 49 / APRICOT 2020, Melbourne, 18–21 February 2020.

[Photo: Magpie at Wentworth Falls station. An Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen) seen at Wentworth Falls railway station early in the morning. As First Dog on the Moon once said, “Why fly when you can walk?” Photographed on 21 November 2019.]