Weekly Wrap 494: Avoiding fires, finding faults, reading court decisions

My week of Monday 11 to Sunday 17 November was spent in Sydney, apart from just one night. Friends persuaded me to avoid the Blue Mountains on Tuesday’s “catastrophic” fire danger day — though things turned out fine up there — and I stayed down for the rest of the week for a few Health Patrol duties.

I got some writing done, as you’ll see below. I got my new glasses. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Lowy Institute discussion, now available as a podcast, The EU and Ireland after Brexit: In conversation with former European Parliament President Pat Cox. Recommended listening.


Podcasts, Corporate Largesse


Media Appearances

The Week Ahead

On Monday I’m writing for ZDNet before bumping out of Ashfield and returning to the Blue Mountains in the evening. There’s more writing on Tuesday, as well as shopping in Leura or Katoomba.

The rest of the week has more research and writing, through until the as-yet-unplanned weekend. I’m also hoping to do a podcast later in the week.

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Update 18 November 2019: I’m adding in a day trip down to Sydney on Thursday to visit the dentist, dammit. Yes, the need is urgent.

Further Ahead

Here’s the plan so far. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

[Photo: The Burwood Hotel in Burwood, Sydney, photographed on 16 November 2019.]