Weekly Wrap 499: More podcast, more smoke, more concern about revenue

Monday 16 to Sunday 22 December 2019 was another week when Sydney’s sky was drenched in bushfire smoke. My belly cleared, I got a podcast done, and the podcast was good. I am pleased.


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Articles, Corporate Largesse, Media Appearances

None, apart from a light lunch at the Lowy Institute on Tuesday. As I said last week, I’ll have to catch up over the so-called “summer break”. It’s a freelancer’s worst nightmare.

The Lowy panel discussion was fascinating, though: Avoiding war — how states negotiate. A bunch of it was about China.

The Week Ahead

[Update 23 December 2019: This section has been rewritten to reflect a change of plans.

I’m spending the whole week in Ashfield for yet more cat-sitting. Yes, across the Christmas break when things will be nice and quiet.

On Monday, I’ll be travelling the Carlingford Line in Sydney before it closes for good in 5 January 2020. The right of way is becoming part of the Parramatta Light Rail.

I’m having Christmas Lunch with friends on Wednesday.

I hope to get something written for ZDNet in there too, because revenue has been a bit thin this month. See above re the tip jar.

Further Ahead

I still haven’t planned anything over the summer, but there’s a few events locked in for later in the New Year. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets if it’s outside the Sydney region.

[Photo: Zen Garden. A display of cigarette butts on street rubbish bin in Pitt Sreet, Sydney, photographed on 17 December 2019.]