Weekly Wrap 566: Audio thoughts, cybers, and a view of the new Parramatta

Even though my week of Monday 29 March to Sunday 4 April 2021 was truncated by Easter, it saw the appearance of three podcasts and a peer-reviewed cyber paper.


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Media Appearances

Videos, Corporate Largesse



The Week Ahead

It’s the short work week after the Easter long weekend, and I really do need to get some writing done. Nothing specific is locked in yet, though, apart from Wednesday being a day trip to Sydney for medical and related appointments. I’ll fill this in on Tuesday morning.

Update 6 April 2021: Let’s go for a simple structure. Tuesday is about administrivia and loose ends and story pitches. Wednesday is the trip to Sydney for medical things, on World Health Day no less, and setting up my next Pozible campaign. Thursday and Friday will be writing days. And I’ve added some things to the calendar.

The weekend will be the weekend.

Further Ahead

Currently in the calendar:

[Photo: Some of the new office towers around the new Parramatta Square development next to the railway station, photographed on 3 April 2021.]