Weekly Wrap 568: Nostalgia about travel, technical disasters, and too much blockchain

Monday 12 to Sunday 18 April 2021 was another week in which I started reminiscing about travel, which is why there’s a random old photo of the view from a train window at the head of this post. But there was also a podcast this week, and a ZDNet article, and a failed livestream.


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Media Appearances, Videos, Corporate Largesse

None of any of these things.


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The Week Ahead

The week will start in the Blue Mountains and end in Sydney, but it won’t be very exciting. At least that’s the plan. I’ve got two ZDNet stories to write in between this stuff.

On Tuesday evening it’s The 8pm Quiz S02 E03 Take 2, because last week the livestream collapsed in a series of technical disasters. Be ready to play at 8pm AEST. If you haven’t played before, you can still watch previous episodes.

On Thursday I’m heading to Sydney for a few days. Thursday evening I’m catching Aaron Chen’s Sorry Forever at The Comedy Store. All his Sydney shows seem to be sold out, which is great for him, but there may be more shows.

On Friday morning I’ll try to Google News Initiative Live: Visualisation and Mapping Australia, another introduction to some of Google’s tools. But will I make it?

Further Ahead

[Photo: Returning from Canberra, 15 April 2016. This photograph was taken somewhere between Canberra and Bundadoon, which doesn’t narrow it down very much but that’s all I can tell from the photos on either side. It was taken at 12.38pm, though, so if you have more patience than me you can cross-reference it with the railway timetable.]