Weekly Wrap 571: Little productivity, but a fun podcast, and a half-decade dawn

My week of Monday 3 to Sunday 9 May 2021 was almost identical to the previous week: A productivity collapse, a lot of introspection, but another wonderful podcast. This must change, but I’m happy enough with what it was.


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Media Appearances

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The Week Ahead

This week I really must get back on the work horse, because I really do need to generate some revenue. But on Monday I’m running errands and getting my flu vaccine too, because I’m scheduled to finally get my first COVID-19 vaccine two weeks after that and there has to be a minimum 14-day gap.

Tuesday night is Budget Night, and I daresay I’ll end up writing something about that somewhere, even though most of the bigger ticket items seem to have been pre-announced for favourable media coverage.

On Thursday and Friday I’m covering the AusCERT 2021 cybersecurity conference via the internet. I was tempted to go to the Gold Coast, but no not until I’m vaccinated.

No recordings for The 9pm Edict this week, but in the pipeline are episodes with author John Birmingham to be posted on 18 May, cartoonist Cathy Wilcox on 29 May, satirist Mark Humphries on 11 June, and space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman on a date to be decided.

Further Ahead

  • The 9pm Edict with John Birmingham , recorded 17 May 2021 and planned to be posted 18 May.
  • The 8pm Quiz S02 E04, 20 May 2021, so yes it’s back to the plan of it being on the third Thursday of the month.
  • Covid-19 vaccination number one, 24 May 2021.
  • The 9pm Edict with Cathy Wilcox , recorded 28 May 2021.
  • The 9pm Edict with Mark Humphries , recorded 11 June 2021.
  • The 8pm Quiz S02 E05, 17 June 2021.
  • Australian Cyber Conference, Melbourne, 15–17 November 2021 (TBC).

[Photo: Red Dawn at Bunjaree Cottages, photographed on 12 May 2016. ]