Weekly Wrap 627: Cold, wet, windy, and little else

My week of Monday 30 May to Sunday 5 June 2022 was cold, wet, and windy. I also spent a lot of time sleeping. We know the cause of the bad weather. Thank you, La Niña. We don’t know the cause of my sleepiness, though I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

The result, however was a distinct lack of productivity. Given that last week saw three podcasts appear, this doesn’t worry me.


  • The photos in the Waratah sequence 2021 now span 278 days. Finally, after months of relative apparent inaction, the seed pods on the waratah in question are starting to turn an orange-brown. From here things will probably progress more quickly.

Articles, Podcasts, Videos, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

None of any of these things. You can read my previous writing at Authory, where you can also subscribe to an email compilation of any new stories each Sunday morning. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when new videos appear.


The Week Ahead

On Monday I’m recording the first of the seven special-guest episodes of The 9pm Edict podcast for the Winter Series. It’s a look at China, Australia, and the South Pacific with Yun Jiang. She’s been on the pod before, for the end-of-2020 wrap, but now she’s the inaugural China Matters Fellow at the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

If you’re a podcast supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, please let me know by 10am AEST this Monday 6 June. The finished podcast will be posted on Tuesday.

Bond on Tuesday continues with the fourth of the canonical James Bond films, Thunderball, starting at 8.30pm AEST. We press PLAY at 8.40pm.

The 9pm Edict is supported by the generosity of its listeners. Do feel free to contribute to my upkeep.

On Wednesday I’m having an acceptably long lunch with a SEKRIT co-conspirator.

On Thursday I’m heading down to Sydney to catch Nigel Ng’s The Haiyaa World Tour at the Enmore Theatre. I’ll stay in Sydney overnight.

In between all that, there will be more of the SEKRIT geek-work and editorial consulting.

And then it’s the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, although I don’t have any plans at this stage.

Further Ahead

  • The 9pm Edict podcast recording with David F Porteous, 16 June 2022. If you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, please let me know by 6pm AEST on Wednesday 15 June
  • TechLeaders Forum 2022, Leura NSW, 21–22 August 2022. After a hiatus during the Quarantimes, this once-annual gathering for tech journalists is returning for 2022.
  • NetThing: Australia’s Internet Community Forum, online, 27–28 October 2022 (TBC).

[Photo: A NSW TrainLink V-Set train ready to depart from Sydney Central station on the very wet evening of 31 May 2022. Minutes after this photograph was taken the city was hit with a massive rainstorm.]