Weekly Wrap 676: Two parrots, one Budget, and much productivity

It was quite a productive week, my week of Monday 8 to Sunday 14 May 2023, despite me being completely unproductive on Thursday because long lunch. Lots of client work, a podcast, and a long blog post.

Fox update

Yet another week without seeing the fox at all. I did find a problem with one of the cameras, but since the other one was only showing rats, plus one ring-tailed possum, I’m pretty sure the fox hasn’t been around.


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Media Appearances, Photos, Corporate Largesse

None of these things. I really must clean up and post some more photos.

I should also note that I think there’s only one instance of corporate largesse since the Beforetimes. Most of the largesse involved lunches and travel, and they fell off a cliff.


Some big announcements at Twitter this week.

And in other news:

The Week Ahead

On Wednesday I’ve got one of those long client handover and training meetings, and then in the evening I’m catching He Huang’s Bad B***h at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. You should check out her stuff on YouTube.

I’ll stay in Sydney until Thursday for some health-related appointments before doing the usual shopping and errands and returning to the Mountains.

I’ll probably record a solo episode of The 9pm Edict podcast because it’s been a while. Probably on Saturday, because that’s also World Whisky Day. [Update 21 May 2023: This won’t be happening. Indeed, I didn’t even have a whisky!]

Further Ahead

  • Truth, Trust and Hope, “a global dialogue on disinformation and the erosion of public understanding and trust in science”, Nobel Prize Outreach, Washington DC and online, 24-26 May 2023. The livestreams will be at an awkward time for me, so I’ll probably just pay attention to the resulting news stories.
  • NEW DATE: The 9pm Public House Forum 8 livestream and recording, 10 June 2023 at 12.30pm (TBA). To say informed you should be on the mailing list.
  • World Gin Day, 10 June 2023. I’m pretty sure this will just be a small social thing with friends after the podcast recording, but you might like to organise a gathering of your own. Because, you know, gin.

[Photo: Pacific National locomotive number 9315, a UGL Rail C44aci class unit, leads an empty coal train through Wentworth Falls station on 12 May 2016. I haven’t been taking many photos these last few weeks, so I’ve had to hit the archives.]