Weekly Wrap 713: Australia’s summer slow season ends with a relaxed Australia Day long weekend

My week of Monday 22 to Sunday 28 January 2024 wasn’t very productive but it ended today with a lovely summer evening in Katoomba. And I’ve posted a picture. Oh, I was on the radio on Thursday though.

I should probably mention that in Australia it is traditional — or at least was traditional — for the period from Christmas on 25 December to Australia Day on 26 January to be the standard four-week holiday season. Schools were closed. Even factories closed so that everyone could enjoy the summer.

Things are more flexible these days, but politics and the media still take a break, and everything is still much quieter than in other parts of the year.


  • The Weekly Cybers #2. Australia sanctions a Russian hacker, the ACSC offers cybersecurity advice for business leaders, and more.

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I think this week’s Elon Musk narrative speaks for itself..

In other news:

The Week Ahead

Monday through Wednesday will be about trying to focus on client work. Careful watchers will probably know that while I plan to do such work most weeks, I rarely manage to clock up more than a few hours, and instead spend many hours in bed. This week will see a properly-planned attempt to change that.

Thursday is a day of administrivia.

I haven’t planned in detail past that, because it will depend on my energy levels. I’ll update this paragraph if and when that changes, although I suspect a bit of socialising will happen on Saturday.

Further Ahead

  • NEW: 2024 Democracy Primer, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra and online, 6 February 2024.
  • Public hearing as part of the Senate inquiry into the Optus network outage, Canberra, 9 February 2024. No, I won’t be going to Canberra, but this is bound to be a fun event for those who are into the joys of Senate committee hearings, so I’ll be watching the livestream.
  • Lunar Comedy Gala 2024, Chatswood NSW, 17 February 2024. I’ll be staying in Sydney overnight because…
  • NEW: Mardi Gras Fair Day, Sydney, 18 February 2023. Yes, I have been persuaded to go to Fair Day for the first time since 2002. I am guessing that very little has changed.
  • Aaron Chen’s Funny Garden, Sydney, 27 April 2024. He’s now so mainstream that he’s doing four nights at the State Theatre. Good for him.
  • He Huang Tiger Daughter versus the World, Chatswood NSW, 5 May 2024.
  • Nina Oyama is Coming, Marrickville NSW, 12 May 2024.

[Photo: St Canice’s Catholic Church, Katoomba, photographed in the beautiful evening light of 28 January 2024.]