Weekly Wrap 722: Easter, nostalgia, and some actual work

And so ends summer. My week of Monday 25 to Sunday 31 March 2024 was spent in Sydney and contained the first autumn episode of my terrible podcast — to be posted soon — as well as a long weekend and a radio spot. I also visited, or rather walked past, an old home of mine.

This Weekly Wrap is also appearing a day late because I spent Easter Sunday socialising rather than doing what I’d said I’d do last week. Suffer.


  • The Weekly Cybers #11. Digital ID bills become law but with amendments, Coalition invents a new online crime, problems predicted with anti-doxxing laws, and more. This one was emailed on Thursday afternoon, before the Easter long weekend.

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My pathetic journalling of Elon Musk’s decline continues. I am addicted.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

It’s already well into Easter Monday as I write this. I’ve started recording an episode of The 9pm Edict podcast with Dr Alice Gorman aka Dr Space Junk and Rami Mandow, but some technical problems mean we’ll have to reconvene at another time.

On Tuesday I’m doing a bunch of administrivia, errands, a train back to Wentworth Falls as the housesitting period ends, and then reconvening that podcast recording. The finished podcast will be released on Thursday Friday. [Update 3 April 2024: Yeah I’ll push the podcast editing back a bit to reduce the amount of drama.]

Nothing else has been locked into specific times, but I reckon I’ll schedule another podcast recording at least, and of course there’s always client work to catch up on.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A street of old two-story terrace houses in Sydney, showing in particular 290 South Dowling Street, Darlinghurst. Why this one? Because once upon a time in the late 1900s I lived there. Photographed on 31 March 2024.]