A better Top 10 for 2007

Being very disappointed with my most popular posts during 2007, here’s a list of 10 posts which I think are a better, more intelligent read. Enjoy.

Actually make that 15. In no particular order…

  1. The Inaugural Paul Neil Milne Johnstone Award goes to…
  2. It’s the little details which matter…
  3. Oops, there goes privacy! So now what?
  4. Scaring the shit out of clients
  5. Releasing the Black Hawk crash video was A Good Thing
  6. Thoughts on “Earth Hour”
  7. Stay alert, ye nameless, toiling animals
  8. Why The Greens won’t win Marrickville (about the last state election, but still relevant)
  9. How can Microsoft stop us hating them?
  10. Burnt out sofa, burnt out life
  11. “Let’s just write that down…”
  12. Human Rights: a reminder
  13. A Meditation at 11,700 metres, 719km/h
  14. Saturday Night at The Duke
  15. and everything I wrote for Crikey (is that cheating?)

Most of that’s reasonably serious — suitable for a reflective Sunday morning, though. So you might want to check out the entire Humour category too.

They’re also the longer pieces, but I reckon there’s a whole swathe of little comments which are wonderful contributions to the sum total of English literature. Don’t you agree?

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